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Angel face was raised in California where her father served the US Navy .The family traveled the world and lived a pleasant life , overtime things began to get shaky , suddenly the Rosie life started to wither away and thorns began to stick out ,as Angels mom got with the wrong crowd and picked up an addiction to crack cocaine which eventually caused chaos and violence .The nightmares had begun things got crazy and the family relocated back to New Jersey .From there Angels nights were filled with yelling and fighting and days with the embarrassing presence of the police .things took a turn for the worst when her mom was arrested and rehabilitated.Angel was sent off to her grandmother which caused a bitter custody battled ending with her dad winning from there things went down hill .Angels dad was bitter that her mom turned to the streets began to take his anger out on Angel verbally and eventually the rants became violent forcing Angel to leave home at an early age.she stayed from home to home of close friends .Overtime Angel developed the skills of writing as she would suppress her feelings of fear and unhappiness into poetry and plays . Soon after her teacher noticed Angels writing talents and submitted her writings into contest which won her first place in a prestigious writing camp which soon after gained her a scholarship after completing camp.Mingling with the wrong crowd Angel,and forced to take care of herself at such a young age caused her to turn to the streets , she got involved with drug trafficking anything from Cocaine to Marijuana ,through out the States for local drug lord the fast life and money became addictive to her the writing and scholarship program became the furthest thing from her mind with the street savvy of a hustler Angel took one trip too many and got obtained by customs causing her to almost loose her freedom .The begging and and pleading from her mom that was saddened that Angel was involved in trafficking the drug that ruined her childhood life &became her moms addiction gave Angel a reality check.She began to live the life of a normal teen again sneaking into night clubs mingling with well known mc”s she got influenced to turn her gift of writing into rhythm’s .She created a group which didn’t work out so she decided to take her talents solo.While collaborating in studio sessions with artist she gained the attention of Cuda Love ,who is responsible for great talents such as Mase, and Nelly who was a great influence to her , also Mike Lighty who has believed in her talents and consults her. to maintain she would ghost write here and there , she also has written a couple independent film scripts . Angel has lived the street savvy fast life the hustle and flo that most our popular male Mc’s ,and street bosses brag about in their music ironically she is a female who plans to use her hustler mentality to tell her story thru music and film .

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