PUSH PLAY!!! NEW WAVE!!! Kapo95 – Hurricane Wrist

Kapo95-Hurricane Wrist COVER
Kapo95-Hurricane Wrist

Kapo95 aka Amir Reid was born from a single mother of 2 on august 7, 1992 in lakewood ,NJ. Kapo grew up on 200 BLOCK aka MLK Drive in lakewood. He African american born and raised in lakewood also went to lakewood school district. As a teenager he played football. growing up his rap influences was 50 cent cassidy, gucci mane along with texas own webbie and sauce twinz. Due to the fact of lakewood’s violence &  at the time of 2008 Kapo was kick out of lakewood high school and him along with his family and younger sister move to Fort worth texas where he would continue his schooling in ft. worth. Kapo started rapping2010  in texas with several ft. worth friends he would encounter with his stay in texas for that short of time. Kapo would end up movin back to new jersey in 2013 where he met G Banga within his first year back to Nj. Kapo would end up takin rap serious in Early of 2014. Kapo named was orignated off its breakdown Killin ALL Potiential Opps.

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