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September 5, 2014         DOPE MIX QUEEN
lazy-k-productions-11                                            “DJ LAZY K”   THANKS YOU

                               For all the love shown   

At the August 31st           labor day weekend                

                       “listening dinner party”

Thank you to all the #LazyK Production family and friends who were in attendance on Sunday, August 31st at Players Sports Bar & Lounge industry listening party in New York City.  The ultra-successful jammed packed party featured some of the east coast’s hottest upcoming hip hop and rap artists performing an array of seductive and sick tracks.  A #dopemix line up created by #DJLazyK herself left the crowd thirsting for more.  The ambiance was seductive and the tracks spinning on the 1s and 2s by #DJLazyK & #DJHomicide made you want to dance til you sweat like a back in the day house party.
Call the police!!!…The ambiguous masked #MurdahBaby massacred his set as he performed “Big Hit” one of his many hit singles.  Not the usual track we’re use to hearing from Murdah Baby but the vivacity from the crowd was insane! It was pandemonium from start to finish.  Whoever this mystery man is, he keeps creating hit after hit.
Porsha and Mercedes…where to begin with these tantalizing ladies?  Porsha & Mercedes came correct with a performance that brought down the roof.  Their show was strategically perfected and something you would expect to see from leading ladies in the music industry.  They proved they aren’t anything to F*** with over a million hits on YouTube.  Their lyrics are provocative and exciting.  #DJLazyK knows talent when she sees it!
Starr Chizzy, Hartford, Connecticut’s own hip hop darling is a true artist.  She has described herself as the female epitome of Fabolous.  Her performance left the audience craving to be turned out and up with more stimulating tracks. #ShesDope!
P.Banga’s an emcee from Boston, Ma. showcases his talents as a hip hop artist by incorporating his passionate perspective of his life’s experiences and turning them into music.  P. Banga has an edge, rising through the game as a battle rapper.  P. Banga’s set was appealing to the audience and he’s someone we want to hear more from.
Is LL in the house???? No it was Computa, straight from the Bronx, an altruistic performer with the right hip hop elements put on an alluring act.  Computa, described to have an overwhelming presence, is signed to Havoc of the infamous Mobb Deep via the new label Mobb Lion.  Collaborating with #DopeMix  #DJLazyK, we will be seeing this force again.
Brooklyn native, #RRoseRRome started the night off by shooting his live video for his latest “24 Hour”.  Surrounded by erotic ladies, RRose RRome rocked the Ciroc while spitting his newest hits.  He is no stranger to the game, with hooks that get you hooked.
Rhode Island’s one and only Rapper Truth and Power aka TP, aka honorary president of #LazyKProductions, surrounded by an entourage of exotic women, gave the crowd not just a show but an extravaganza.  The audience’s energy was crazy. 
Scotty Mike aka Scotty McStoned from around the way in Hackensack, NJ celebrated his birthday with a live performance of his eclectic hits. His sound is hypnotic, with unique melodies…much love to Scotty Mike.
Faim, CFO from the Trak Dealaz Family, showed respect and love to #LazyKProductions stopped by to meet and greet fans.
Again thank you to the fans for making this #DJLazyK #LazyKProductions Industry Dinner Party a sensation!
To be continued…

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